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Yu Nishioka

Yu Nishioka was born in Chiba (located right east of Tokyo) in 1977. He first tried to become a musician, but later to a ceramic artist. He graduated from Aichi Prefectural Seto Ceramic School in 2011. He then served an apprenticeship under Goro Suzuki, a prominent ceramic artist of Aichi (mid-Japan). He became independent in Gifu (mid-Japan) in 2014. He specializes in making Kiseto and Oribe wares. His works are regularly exhibited at major art galleries in Japan. Yu Nishioka is committed to getting clays suitable for his works. He goes to the library and explores old kiln sites. He then drives a truck and shovels clay soil at the sites. Kiseto ware was first developed in the 16th century in Japan. The product range included dishes, pots, bowls, flower vases and incense burners. Kiseto ware is fired under an oxidation atmosphere and turns yellow. Its ash glaze contains slight amounts of iron. Also, patterns or designs, including flowers and plants, are painted on Kiseto ware by copper glazes that turn green. Oribe ware, which was developed in the 16th century as tea ceremony ware, is characterized by decorative, ornamental and novel designs. Nishioka says that he often feels stressed when making Kiseto ware because it is difficult to fire. On the other hand, he enjoys making Oribe ware because painting pictures on it is fun for him.