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Gafu Ito

Gafu Ito was born in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture (mid-Japan) in 1988. He graduated from Tokoname High School’s Ceramic Art course in 2007. He then served an apprenticeship under Fugetsu Murakoshi, a prominent ceramic artist of Tokoname in 2009. He graduated from Nagoya Zokei University’s Craft Art course in 2011. He won the following awards: 54th and 56th Tokoname City Art Award (2010, 2012); 24th and 25th Japan Tea Craft Art Award (2011, 2012); 42nd and 43rd Tokai Traditional Craft Art Award (2011, 2012). He became independent in 2012 and has held solo and group exhibitions in Japan. He is a most popular young artist specializing in making teapots. Gafu Ito is very knowledgeable about Chinese teapots that were introduced to Japan in the 18th century. Also, he is committed to making clays. He carefully processes local soils into clays for making teapots. He spends about one year getting the smallest clay particles, which are suitable for making his highly smooth teapots.