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Hiroyumi Suzuki

Hiroyumi Suzuki was born in Sendai (northeastern Japan) in 1981. After graduating from university, Suzuki started his career as a potter in Korea. He learned the ceramic art of the 17th century Yi Dynasty and mastered the traditional skills of a Korean potter. Returning to Japan in 2009, he started creating Shigaraki ware. In 2016, he moved to Iga (mid-western Japan). He has created a variety of ceramic artworks and has held exhibitions regularly at major art galleries in Japan. He creates Shigaraki, Mishima, Kohiki and Hakeme wares. He is a popular young artist. Shigaraki ware is unglazed ceramics and has a history of more than one thousand years. Shigaraki is one of the six major sites of ceramic ware in Japan. Other sites include Tokoname, Seto, Bizen, Tanba and Echizen. Mishima, Kohiki and Hakeme wares were originally made in Korea during the Yi Dynasty and were introduced to Japan in the 16th/17th centuries. Those wares were used as tea bowls and wine cups.